It’s not military-oriented, but it is part of the holiday’s history – and much of the celebration of the holiday is around the subject of freedom.  This was an expression of that freedom.  I really miss Frank’s communications with me whenever I did a radio show about left history.

This is on display at Bolerium Books.  This is the caption on their Facebook Page:

Memorial Day, 1969… A call to tear down the fences around People’s Park in Berkeley. This issue of Outcry! unfolds into a Frank Cieciorka poster celebrating the creation of the park from a trash-strewn lot. Text on other side encourages the residents of Berkeley to pour into the streets on the holiday and remove the barricades that had been put up around the park by police.

UC Berkeley Radical Student Union. Outcry! from occupied Berkeley. (Number 2). [1969]. 4p., tabloid format on newsprint, folds out completely to make 23×32 inch poster captioned “Let a thousand parks bloom.” (#134008) $25.00

Frank Cieciorka