‘March Against Monsanto’ in Eureka, THIS SATURDAY, May 25.

FOR THE MARCH~~~Please meet at the corner of 2nd St. & I St. at promptly 11am in Eureka and be ready to March to the Court House on 5th and I St.
Please bring signs, costumes & positive vibes. Invite your friends and family too. This is a non-violent protest.
MARCH COLORS ARE BLACK & RED~ Please wear black and red!!

For more information contact event coordinators Isis Austin or Jesse Maynard.

On May 25, activists around the world will unite to March Against Monsanto!

Worldwide events here!>>https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/lv?key=0Ah7h2ApbBPnpdGhOMElaSVg1QUQtRlJQWm1FaUZISlE&toomany=true

Mission statement: http://on.fb.me/10oCMRb

In case you don’t know, this is a WORLDWIDE PROTEST against Monsanto and other GMO promoting corporations. As of now it is happening in 55 countries. And in the USA simultaneously (11AM PDT).
Below are ‘passive carpooling’ meeting places for people in outlying areas of Humboldt county. There are places where people can meet others and arrange rides together. Pass it on if you know someone who may be able to benefit from the info.

Carpooling from Southern Humboldt:
9 – 9:30AM – Garberville, park near and meet on Sprowel Creek Road, on the freeway overpass.
9 – 9:30AM – Redway – park near, and meet on sidewalk in front of Post Office, on Redwood Drive.
9:30AM – Miranda – Park and meet across from the freeway northbound onramp
10:15AM – Fortuna – Meet on 12th Street, in front of the high school.
Carpooling from Northern Humboldt:
9 – 9:30AM – Willow Creek – Meet in front of the playground
10 – 10:15AM – Trinidad – Meet on street by the Beachcomber, on Trinity Road.
10:15 – Blue Lake – Perigot Park, by skate park, on S. Railroad Ave.
10:15 – McKinleyville – location TBD
Trinidad to Eureka, North to South Saturday line link: http://www.redwoodtransit.org/schedules/saturday/south/
Willow Creek to Arcata (then change to above N-S line) link: http://www.redwoodtransit.org/schedules/weekend-july2012/willowcreek/
From Scotia, Fortuna, etc, to Eureka link: http://www.redwoodtransit.org/schedules/saturday/north/
No Saturday bus from Southern Humboldt
From the organizers.
There are a couple changes to ‘park and meet’ locations:

CHANGE OF LOCATION: Willow Creek- Park on street, meet in front of Riversong Market.

McKINLEYVILLE LOCATION: (Was a ‘TBD’) Meet near Azalea Hall by Pierson Park

ADD LOCATION: Arcata – in front of playground Healthsport Parking lot.

OUR MESSAGE IN GENERAL: Please respect private property; park in public areas.