Strong recommendation for a documentary entitled “Protagonist.”   On instant Netflix.

It’s about the lives of four men: a German radical terrorist who worked with Carlos the Jackal, A former Kung Foo fanatic (the director’s husband who inspired the theme), A bank robber turned journalist, and a gay cure specialist fundamentalist minister turned transvestite entertainer.  All four had rough childhoods and wrestled with their dark side and the overwhelming drive for a feeling of certainty – something I’m very familiar with.  It plays with comparisons between Euripides themes and the real lives of these very dynamic men.  The director is Jessica Yu, who’s done some other excellent documentaries.  Nothing like Arguing the World.  Well, maybe a little in that the film addresses major changes in life philosophy and outlook, but not dry at all.  Each chapter begins with a puppet rendition of a Euripides play, including the gory scenes of The Bacchae.


And just for fun, she also did this short film Sour Death Balls, which I recognized as soon as it came up on Youtube along with the Protagonist trailer.  It plays at the Exploratorium in the section about the mind.