So I did KMUD my show last week on the Boston Bombing’s aftermath, and someone called in with a “false flag” theory.  I guess I just didn’t have the patience that night for conspiracy theories.  The guy said his piece:

Caller:  False flag, yada, yada yada (not a literal transcript).

Me:  Yeah, and the government is making chem trails to turn your kids gay…

Caller:  Oh, you don’t believe in the chem trails Kirk?  You must be blind as a bat, or maybe you don’t go outside all day.  I can see them every day here in Willits!

It was that kind of a show.  Tonight’s show on KHSU, where I had Andy talking about the Council on Foreign Relations and the plan for one world government, was a little better.  But next month, I’m bringing the subject matter back out of the clouds (whether the clouds are real or artificial).

By the way, did you know that Democracy Now is part of the conspiracy?  Yes, it’s part of the faux-left media created and maintained by the elites.  And that means KMUD is part of the conspiracy too!  And there’s a chart through the link that proves it all!  I mean Katrina Vanden Heuvel a CIA agent?  Say it ain’t so!

But then, an intrepid KMUD supporter outed me a few years ago!