Really give this a read and think about it.  Not asking you to change your mind or anything, just open it a little to hear what this woman, trained in science, has to say to her father.

A choice passage:

I know how crazy it drives you when Republican politicians (and friends and relatives) post pictures and stories that are flat-out wrong, about the deficit, the economy, “Obamacare,” and more. It makes you nuts how uncritically they quote Fox News. They don’t examine their own biases; they don’t stop and think why they accept that Obama is the anti-Christ and that everything associated with him is evil, even if the facts clearly contradict their belief. Sure, they may know a lot, but it’s all from the same sources and it reinforces their pre-existing belief that Obama is Satan. Here’s the kicker: you’re doing the same thing. Yes, I know you’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos on vaccines, and fluoride, and other health issues, but the ones you watch–and accept–are the ones that already appeal to the beliefs you’ve accepted. This isn’t how science works, or how evidence is fairly weighed. I know this can get messy, because again, you’re not one of those trained scientists and you don’t know how to navigate the literature and determine which studies are well-conducted and which ones are crap. So sometimes, you have to accept that there are people out there who have taken the time to do this in an unbiased fashion, and decide to trust them (y’know, people like your daughter, perhaps? Or thousands of other scientists and journalists who have studied these fields for many, many years?), and look skeptically upon people like Mercola et. al. (Follow the money!)


Okay, you can make the case that she’s being a little bit arrogant here.  “Daddy, you’re too dumb to understand the literature, so trust my reading of it.”  But she’s probably frustrated at being blown off, because he filters his information according to his current belief system.  And if you’ve worked for a cause, with all the best intentions, you’re vested and locked in even more.  Human nature.  But he raised her to think critically.  She’s asking him to do the same.

But I wonder how many people will actually read the whole thing before posting a rote response.