KQED has a video and some striking photos.  (Update:  The video is down)

I know it will be unpopular for me to have anything other than a party-line opposition to the whole concept of a by-pass, but I actually have very mixed feelings about it. As somebody who has been caught in the traffic jams, occasionally for as long as a half hour (these were particularly bad days where the line of cars went almost back to the mall intersection at the south end of town), I’m concerned about the air quality of the valley with so many vehicles constantly idling during “rush hours.” That being said, there are a number of problems with the bypass as planned, and I understand why there is such vehement opposition.

Unfortunately, there’s never much room for intelligent discussions of these things, and I was in the Willits town hall at one point where I saw the exhibits intended for a meeting of four possible bypass plans, and I wonder of the extent to which many of the protesters today participated in those meetings. Something about an ounce of prevention…

It does appear that the authorities are using excessive force, and shooting anything at somebody up in a tree is at best dangerous, and in my opinion reckless.  However, there are reports that the protestor was throwing items at them, and the details as reported by the CHP, if accurate, suggest that there might be a mental health issue involved.  But the video through the above link is down, and it’s not entirely clear to me what happened. I’m going to withold opinion until I have more facts.  If anyone has more information, then please post it.

Youtube has a slew of videos.  Here are a couple of them.  For more of them, just go to youtube and type in “Willits Bypass.”