I was trying to keep track of both the debate and the Giants game, while helping my cranky daughter through her homework and then playing a game of Stratego with my son.  Unfortunately I missed all the good parts in both.

Fortunately, I got to see the highlights for both on the elliptical machine television at the gym.

I’ve seen all the instapolls giving the win to Obama, but I find myself in an odd position.  It seemed like Romney was channeling George McGovern tonight, and I actually related to his foreign policy more than Obama’s.  It’s not the first time.  Obama was more hawkish than McCain four years ago on the same issue – Pakistani national sovereignty vs. our “security interests.”

Granted, the right wing has always been enamored with Pakistan as President Bush, Jr. sold them F-16s which would only be used against their neighbor – the only democracy in the region.   But it does raise a question about Obama, who has clearly revived the old doctrine of gun boat liberalism – kind of an heir to Gen. McNamara’s quasi-liberal justifications for involvement in Vietnam.

As to who came out more “Presidential,” I’m not really qualified to say.  I’ll leave that to the seventeen or so people who haven’t yet made up their minds, and God knows what’s going to settle it for them.

Everybody’s talking about the horses and bayonets line, but for me the takeaway line of the night was Obama’s “You want to return to the foreign policy of the 1980s, the social policy of the 1950s, and the economic policy of the 1920s.”

But here’s a clip with the big line.