Obama bombed really badly last night, not just in that he looked like he didn’t want to be there, but it reinforces the whole disillusionment around him.  It turns out he really doesn’t want to fight.  There’s no conviction.  Doug Henwood said it this morning, “Romney believes in money.  Obama believes in nothing.”

I’m sure Obama will be out of “prevent defense” mode and perform better the next time around.  But what was particularly distressing was that Obama obviously knew it wasn’t going well, but couldn’t adapt and improvise.  Wouldn’t attack Romney’s flagrant lying.  Couldn’t even communicate his talking points well – just rambled on and on about, I’m not even sure what.

A game changer?

Oh, and I hope this is that last time they use Jim Lehrer.  He was an empty seat last night, not just for his failure to control the debate, but because his questions were vague, boring, and irrelevant.