Okay, maybe it’s because I’m listening to it on the radio, but if you put aside the brief Ron Paul uprising and the racist incidents, this has got to be the more boring convention ever! And that’s really saying something, because with one or two exceptions I find them ALL boring.

Addendum:  Okay, it’s not so boring anymore.

I missed Ryan’s speech tonight, but at the gym I got to watch the talking heads waxing on about it. Apparently all of them agreed, including the ex-RNC guy Michael Steele, that Ryan lied when he blamed Obama for the closing of the GM plant in his home town – it closed under Bush. They all agreed it is is a lie, but they marveled with respect over the masterful way he delivered the lie, and how effective it will be with undecided voters who don’t care about the fact checking.

Seriously, WTF???