Csanad Szegedi was the leader of one of Europe’s most overtly antisemitic groups with actual political representation.  This guy was particularly rabid.  NPR reports:

Csanad Szegedi had in the past railed about the “Jewishness” of the political class. According to the ADL, his party’s presidential candidate referred to Israeli Jews as “lice-infested, dirty murderers.”

The Hungarian group is named “the Jobbik Party.”    They are a far-right party and earned 17 percent of the vote in the most recent election.  They are now the country’s third largest party.

This guy is Jewish.  He didn’t submit blood to some ancestral divination outfit which makes money convincing gullible customers that they are related to Abraham Lincoln and Jessica Lange.  He didn’t hear some rumor that his great-grandfather had a name ending in “stein.”  It turns out that his grandparents, on his mother’s side, survived the death camps, and had an Orthodox Jewish wedding after the war – but decided to keep their religion a secret from their children.  550,000 Hungarian Jews were killed in the camps, but for whatever reason, they decided to stay in the country and exist in secret.

The last three paragraphs of the NPR article linked above hint at potential redemption.  I’m sure a book deal is in the works.