Heidi Walters has a post at the NCJ Blogthing.  I don’t have any more information than that, but it does appear that KMUD needs some help.

My suggesting?  Save the hand-wringing for another time.  Give the station some help right now.

More as I get it.

Addendum:  Guess I should check my email every once in a while.

KMUD Needs Help

Redwood Community Radio, parent of KMUD and its affiliates, faces a major financial challenge.  The ambitious signal upgrade project begun earlier this year is well advanced.  Paying for it lags behind.  KMUE (Eureka and Arcata) already has a stronger, clearer signal than it ever did.  Within months, KMUD and Shelter Cove will have new equipment to improve their signals and to help assure reliability into the future.  KLAI’s (Laytonville’s) facilities were improved a few years ago.

All this costs money. KMUD is asking its community for help. Some $100,000 of help. Despite federal matching funds for the upgrade, the station today has not come up with all of its share of the cost because of unforeseen cost overruns. In retrospect, it looks like the board erred in moving the upgrade forward without full funding assured, but a looming deadline forced a decision by a certain date.  This was the last chance to get a matching grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, or any other federal funding, for a project of this type.  Bad weather in March and other things resulted in serious delays and overruns.

There is no place to turn but our communities of members and listeners.  Next week’s payday (Aug. 7) will barely be met.  The next one is not assured, to say nothing of meeting all other expenses.  Financial details are available at the station. 

A major fundraising campaign is now getting started.  There will be announcements on-air, tabling around town and up north, special events.  Aug. 15 will be a one-day appeal for funds on the radio.  The board and station staff are looking hard at the budget and station resources.  Other actions are under consideration.  There is no thought at present of layoffs or shutdowns. 

Our 25-year-old radio station is precious to us.  The daily news.  The community conversation of talk shows.  The wild variety of music, both weird and wonderful.  The friend who is always there for us needs the community’s  support, its money.  Today.  Please pay your old pledges if you have not done so yet.  Please respond generously to the appeals you will hear and see.  Now, as never before, KMUD needs the people to power it through the upgrade and into a bright future.