Some are claiming that the vast difference in the nature of the coverage between the Colorado shootings a couple of weeks ago and yesterday’s shooting up of a Sikh temple right near where I was recently vacationing in South Milwaukee is racist and cultural.   However, to be honest, I also think there may be an element of fatigue – the Denver event having been so recent, that there may be a certain level of numbing effect.  Still, the question has to be asked, and some attempt must be made to answer.

Pat Robertson isn’t blaming the Devil as he did with the Haitian earthquake.  He’s not blaming gays or feminists.  He’s blaming atheists because it’s the same whether they’re shooting up a Sikh Temple or a Baptist Church.  Only, Baptist Churches don’t often get shot up, unless they’re promoting civil rights.  More recently it’s a Sikh Temple and a Unitarian Church, of which many of the members are atheists.  Go figure.

The Onion already has something up.  Is it too soon?