I forgot to do this weeks ago, but the final precinct report is in.  The Supervisor race results are on pages 69, 70, and 71 of the PDF.

I’m not sure what all the initials mean, but I know that “F” is Fortuna and “SH” is Southern Humboldt.  I’m assuming “R” is Rio Dell and “HV” is Hydesville.  I think that “F-R” must be “Fortuna-Rohnerville,” basically the south end of Fortuna and the surrounding areas.

So as expected Clif did better in the north, but obviously not by enough.  Sohum’s turnout rates appear to be a little bit higher than the north’s (and much higher than normal for Sohum), but not that much higher.  Clif won pretty handily in Fortuna proper, but Estelle kept it very close in the “FR” precincts, even managing to take one of the precincts.  Clif won in Hydesville, but not handily.  A key win for Estelle was in Rio Dell, which was a stronghold of Johanna four years ago, suggesting that her voters broke in Estelle’s favor.

The key was in Sohum where Estelle blew Clif out in some districts.  Others were fairly close, and Clif actually managed to take one.  I have no idea where the precincts are.  I can’t find a precinct map online.  I’m assuming that the larger ones are Garberville and Redway.


Rex Bohn won everywhere in the First.  I don’t see a precinct in which the DeModena and Seidner votes combined outnumbered his, not even in Loleta.  The loss of the precincts north of Harris Street to the Fourth, and the entry of Scotia into the First from the Second has rendered the First District an ultra-conservative district (by Humboldt County standards) and I don’t see anyone seriously challenging Rex from the left the next time around unless he really messes up.

Addendum:  I looked again and there are two precincts, MU and MU-F, in which Cheryl beat Rex by a solid margin.  I’m assuming that those are the Petrolia area precincts.  I don’t know what the letters stand for.


On page 71, the results of the Third District show that Mark took all but two districts – I think one of Brooks’ wins coming in the northern portion of Eureka, maybe it’s the Redwood Acres area?  Assuming that “B” is Blue Lake, it appears that the objections to being pushed from the 5th into the 3rd because of Arcata’s politics was not representative as Mark won 2 to 1.


In the Sohum precincts, Jared Huffman edged out Solomon 283 votes to 282.  Huffman defeated Roberts in Fortuna, by a margin I find surprising, and the progressive votes altogether overwhelmed the two Republicans.  Maybe Fortuna really is changing!  Not so much in the “F-R” precincts yet, but they aren’t as large as just plain “F.”

Huffman was the Arcata choice, with Susan Addams in second.  I didn’t count, but it looked more even between Adams and Solomon in Eureka, with Lawson doing well too.