It would be sad if Lew Hill’s vision died due to incompetence.

It shouldn’t affect any KMUD programming however.  I believe that Amy Goodman and FSRN both broke off and syndicate independently now.

Part of the problem from my point of view is that the network was taken over by a New Left clique which has pretty much homogenized the ideological content.  They made the talk shows boring, and then extended their hours so that there is less alternative music and more straightjacketed political blab throughout the day – week days and weekends.  That narrowed the scope of donors.  In the very old days Lew Hill made sure there were varied voices.  Even Cap Weinberger had a show as KPFA‘s token conservative.  But there were debates – vital discussion, with nobody excluded – something that didn’t exist anywhere else really.

There was jazz.  Gospel music.  It’s where I first heard Reggae.  Ambient music.  Even some avante-guard stuff, often marginally listenable, but always different from anything anywhere else.  And there were local producers of programs heard once a week or once a month (kind of like KMUD now).  Now it’s all syndicated or local, but in a homogenized schedule, same thing every weekday.  No morning concert.  No morning reading.  And even Over the Edge isn’t what it was.

I rarely listen to it now when I’m in the Bay Area.

I do hope they survive, but I’m not optimistic.