I’m posting this link to a fascinating Arcata Eye article without comment at the moment.  Maybe I’ll find something intelligent to say about it tomorrow.

She did actually get over 30 percent of the vote!

Addendum:  Okay, she didn’t really emphasize the Tea Party aspects of her belief system during the campaign.  She was actually quite articulate and seemed reasonable at the debates.  But now that the election’s over, she wants a Grand Jury investigation into whether Mark and Clif have, I guess, committed treason.  From her letter to Virginia Bass:

 “Supervisor Bass, I urge you to seek independent counsel and convene a Grand Jury investigation into why two supervisors would violate their oath of office and seek to encumber the people of Humboldt County to a smart growth document that is clearly not community-based and undermines our rights and civil liberties guaranteed by our Consitiution.”

The Mountain Democrat has bought into the theory as well.  Fortunately, Humboldt County’s voters have taken the reins from the “globe-trotting, fois gras eating hypocrites.”  Plan A, Obamacare, carbon credits – it’s all linked to a UN-based conspiracy!

Seriously.  Most green types don’t eat fois gras, but nevermined.