Final count has her over Clif by just under 400 votes.

I wish her luck.  I expect that we’ll be on the opposite side of the General Plan Update issues, assuming that the issue isn’t closed by then.  With Jimmy resigning right in the middle of the process, I suspect that it won’t be resolved – not to mention the inevitable lawsuits no matter what happens.

But Estelle is the winner and she has an opportunity to come up with something that even an A-/B+ guy like me can live with.  I can’t imagine what that’ll look like, but she’s up to bat with a complete change of the BOS power structure, probably with the majority (currently) leaning towards Plan D with some tweeks.


In other election news, Norman Solomon has something of a chance to overtake Dan Roberts.  The margin now is over 700 votes with only Sonoma County left to report.  Norman did best in Marin, Sonoma, and Mendocino and Humboldt’s final count actually gave Roberts a boost.  There are about 25,000 remaining ballots to be counted in Sonoma County, but only a portion of the county is in our district.  Santa Rosa and its suburbs are in Mike Thompson’s new district.  We really have no idea how many of those 25,000 votes will count for the Second District.  In election day voting, Norman took close to 20 percent to Robert’s 12, and late absentees tend to match up more with election day voting than earlier absentees (for whatever reason, conservatives tend to get their absentee ballots back earlier).  The estimates are that about 9000 Second District votes remain to be counted, but that’s based on population I believe and it’s possible that because the Second District’s race was much more heavily contested that turnout was a little higher in Petaluma and the west county.  Current time estimate for the final report is Friday, but the observers think that’s optimistic.