Aside from a few letters of unnecessary tone from both sides, I’ve really appreciated the Second District Supervisor discussion this time around.  We have some very articulate writers.  Some long winded (including me – I didn’t realize quite how long winded until I saw how much space I took up in the paper, and believe it or not I condensed!).  Some very thoughtful.  Some not so thoughtful.  Anyway, The Redwood Times has its letters up.  I wrote a separate letter for each paper, and unfortunately the Independent isn’t yet online and I keep forgetting to thumb drive the first letter from my offline computer.

My letter

Marie Rafael’s letter on behalf of Clif

Dave and Cheryl Nicholson’s letter on behalf of Estelle

Linda Lowe’s letter for Clif

David Hawkins’ letter for Estelle

Dave and Susan Hagemen for Clif

Barbara Kennedy for Clif

Kevin Caldwell for Estelle

Unfortunately, that’s as far as the links go.  There were some great letters over the past month.

So what will happen on Tuesday?  I’ll give you my predictions on Monday evening.

Addendum:  The Arcata Eye was kind enough to compile its letters of support for candidates.  None in the Second District.  Lots of support for Mark.

Second addendum:  More letters from this week’s paper.

Joan Becker for Estelle

Jerry Latsko for Clif

Jennifer Kubik for Estelle

Ted Kogon for Estelle

Karyn Lee-Thomas for Estelle

Chris Weston for Clif

Jim Truit for Clif