Posted by email request from Lauren Oliver.  The name Jean Houston sounds familiar to me.  Did she write Farewell to Manzanar?  I’ll Google it when I have a few minutes.

Dear friend ~

Welcome to an exciting experience .  Join Dr. Jean Houston on Wednesday evening, May 16, 5:30.   An evocative story-teller and philosopher, Jean will share with us highlights of the story of the Great Peacemaker, fundamental to the founding our own American democracy. 

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Jean will invite you to join the rich opportunity of a monthly talk by an eminent peacemaker, following the themes of the Peacemaker’s journey.     The Social Artistry Teaching Learning Circle Teleconference is a yearlong program, designed to support you to launch a local Peacemaker Circle.

You can step into the possibility of creating a Circle of Peacemakers in your own neighborhood, and gain the support of a face-to-face Circle to become your best self and fulfill your unique purpose in the world: your peacemaking work that will make a world of difference.

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Addendum:  Nope. Different person, similar name.