You would almost think it was synchronized, but Clif had five letters of support in the Independent this week (still haven’t read the Redwood Times).  None for Estelle, but I would expect a responsive torrent of Estelle supporting letters over the next few weeks.  I’m sure they got a pile by the deadline of 12:00 this morning.

There are only two candidates this time around.  There will be no run-off.  There will be no whining from the losing side about how someone won with less than a majority (well, I can’t promise there won’t be whining, but it will be less compelling).  Basically, if Clif takes 60 percent of the northern votes, and Estelle takes two-thirds of the southern votes, and assuming both areas vote at the same rate, you have an even election.  The information I have suggests that Clif will take the majority of northern votes and Estelle will take a significant majority of the southern votes.  I could, of course, be completely wrong on one or both counts, but I’m pretty confident of those loose numbers.  If so, this could be a close election, and it’s going to be all about GOTV.  Both campaigns have some seasoned veterans, so all bets are off on GOTV.

There are already some very strong feelings in this race, and I’m going to pull back a little in my participation in the arguments.  This means that in any disagreement with me, you will always have the last word.  I will, within the next couple of weeks, explain my support for Clif (there are some very articulate arguments in the above-mentioned letters), and I will probably leave it at that.  I would urge participants to remember that the candidates and their supporters are human beings, and either Estelle or Clif will be just fine if she or he loses (and hopefully the county as well).  This isn’t a death match.  And there will always be music.