I know it tends to be feast or famine for my posting on anything lately.  I hadn’t posted in almost a week, but today I’ve posted three times.  I’ve a fairly full schedule, so I have to make hay when the sun shines.

First of all, tonight on the HumCPR show Charley will host a discussion with both Clif and Estelle about General Plan and other land use issues.   That’s on KMUD at 7:00 p.m., and it’s a call-in show.


Don’t miss the debate at the Mateel this Sunday, with all of the information through this link.  I am billed as a moderator, but Ed will be handling it alone as I’m committed to coach an Indoor Soccer double-header due to changes in scheduling.  Ed is more than capable, and it should be a great debate.  It will be simulcast on KMUD beginning at 3 p.m.


A little bit of controversy with the Democratic Central Committee last night, at least as far as Richard Marks is concerned.  I wasn’t there, and I haven’t heard anything other than what is reported by Richard, but he seems to feel that Estelle was denied an endorsement because of her affiliation with HumCPR.  Clif doesn’t qualify for endorsement as a member of the DTS Party, and Richard feels that as the only Democrat in the race she should have received the endorsement.

In the thread he complains that Roy Curliss was denied the endorsement several years ago (when running against Carlos Quilez, a liberal Republican (a dying breed) for the same reason (and I don’t recall Carlos getting the Republican endorsement – probably over the same issue).

Policies around development are a source of division in counties around the state, and Democrats tend to favor controlled growth advocates in their endorsements to the disappointment of union reps who emphasize jobs.  It’s not a new issue locally or statewide, but I expect that HCDCC elections to become a little more politicized for awhile.

Cheryl Seidner and Mark Lovelace each received endorsements.


Lastly, although I’m now thoroughly bored with the topic, the billboard controversy is apparently covered in the Beacon-insert of today’s Times Standard.  I can’t find it online, but if I do I’ll link to it.  From what I’ve heard, it adds nothing new to the story.