It wasn’t all that surprising that Santorum won in Alabama and Mississippi today.  What hurts for Romney is that he came in third in both!

If Romney wins the nomination, which is still the most likely scenario, will Obama be the first Democrat since Carter to win the south?

Check out this old map.

When President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act he said, “we (the Democratic Party) have lost the South for hundred years.”  Sure enough, Nixon took advantage as early as 1968 with the fame “Southern Strategy” of dogwhistle politics to draw whites into the Republican Party.  Carter’s run in 1976 provided a brief respite, and Clinton managed a couple of states in the 1990s, but mostly it’s been straight GOP in the south until 2008.  Obama made some inroads with wins in Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida (which really isn’t part of the south culturally speaking).

Will Romney generate yet another realignment?  46 percent of Texans voted for Obama.  47 percent in Georgia.  Close to or over 40 percent in the rest of the south.