Out of nowhere comes Rick Santorum!

This is a big deal.  Romney took Minnesota and Colorado last time around, and ex-Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty is Romney’s national campaign chair.  I had thought this would be over by Super Tuesday if not before, but we’ll see how the not-Romneys fund raise right now.  It could be a long haul.

Obviously Obama’s people are happy, though I’m not sure the marathon with Hillary Clinton hurt him in 2008.  Issues get vetted and campaigns come out of a long haul crucible tougher and smarter.  On the other hand, Romney can’t start appealing to centrists until he’s won the nomination.  That could be a serious problem.

Addendum:  On the meaning, or lack thereof, of last night’s Santorum surge.

Donald Trump, who endorsed Romney last week, is calling Santorum a loser.

Said [Donald] Trump: “Rick Santorum was a sitting senator who in re-election lost by 19 points, to my knowledge the most in the history of this country for a sitting senator to lose by 19 points. It’s unheard of. Then he goes out and says oh ‘okay’ I just lost by the biggest margin in history and now I’m going to run for president. Tell me, how does that work? … So, I don’t get Rick Santorum. I don’t get that whole thing.”