Maybe nobody’s heard of her, not even some of the more savvy posters on this blog.  I don’t know much about her.  Her name is Annette De Modena.  She has a website.

Last night I attended Arts Alive in Eureka.  At the plaza I saw two candidate’s tables, one of them for Rex – right on the corner of F and 2nd at the Plaza.  A few feet away from his table was a small table staffed for Congressional candidate Stacey Lawson.  I didn’t see any other political tables, though I didn’t make it down the F Street side of the Plaza towards the bay.  But Rex has a presence everywhere.  He has lots of money.  And he’s hungry for the win after losing badly a few years ago to progressive upstart Chris Kerrigan –  so much so that he moved his residence to run in the First District when his home was redistricted to the 4th.

I don’t even remember Annette’s announcement.  I just Googled her out of curiosity a few weeks ago and found that she is in fact running.  I guess.  If she wants to win this race, she had better start running.  Or walking.  Kerrigan beat Rex by walking to every home in Eureka.  If you don’t have the money, that’s a pretty good way to meet people.

Anyway, she has a nice video.

Well, let’s see what she does now that the starting gun is off.