A nicely-written article with just a touch of snark about Sohum culture.

Again, I don’t trust polling in a district like this, but assuming they are even close to accurate, it does appear that the Republican Dan Roberts is the favored not-Huffman to win the runoff spot – if there is a run-off.  Although registered Republicans are in the minority, perhaps to an extreme, he probably starts with a minimal 20 percent of solid base votes.  That will make it tough for any of the progressive alternative candidates to break into second place, especially if they are fracturing the progressive not-Huffman vote.  And the more pragmatic prominent Republicans are probably going to back Huffman, since Roberts probably doesn’t stand much of a chance in November no matter how many progressive positions he takes.  In this election, the R by the name will be a disqualifying factor for most voters.

I think it’s time for a poll.  This is hardly scientific, but it will give an idea of where Humboldt County progressives are leaning.