From Democracy Unlimited:

Eureka to Participate in

OCCUPY THE COURTS — January 20, 2012


Over 120 Protests Planned at Courthouses Nationwide

Against Supreme Court Ruling that Corporations Are People

Over 120 courthouses, including the Federal Courthouse in Eureka (downtown Post Office building) and the Supreme Court, will become the focus of Occupy protesters against corporate rule on Friday, January 20. This is one day before the second anniversary of the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision, in which the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are persons, entitled by the U.S. Constitution to buy elections and run the government.

Neither the Declaration of Independence nor the Constitution mentions corporations, which were rare entities at our nation’s founding. But thanks to decades of rulings by Justices who molded the law to favor elite interests, corporations today are granted privileges that empower them to deny citizens the right to full self-governance.  Armed with these rights, corporations wield ever-increasing control over jobs, natural assets, elected officials, judges and the law.

We believe corporations are not persons and possess only the privileges citizens and their elected representatives willfully grant them. Organizers of OCCUPY THE COURTS propose a Constitutional Amendment that will overturn the Court-created legal doctrines of corporate personhood and “Money Equals Speech.”

WHEN: Friday, January 20, noon-1pm

WHERE: Eureka Federal Courthouse, 5th & H Streets (downtown Post Office building)

WHO: Democracy Unlimited/Move to Amend activists


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