Visited the Tin Can Mailman book store this afternoon, and while browsing I noticed for the first time that they have several shelves on Karl Marx.  But is it in the sociology or political science section?  Nope, it’s to the right of the philosophy shelves and just above a section dedicated to the Kabbalah.

Given that Marx was Jewish and his semi-doctrine of Historical Materialism is very much structured like Jewish prophetic history (with designated ages stacked in a theme of progression from past to future), and his writings heavily influence by prophetic literature, it’s not intellectually inappropriate.  But I’ve never seen it before.  You certainly won’t find the books organized that way at Modern Times Bookstore or Bolerium Books.


A side note:  The secret code to get into Bolerium’s Mission Street location – just ring the doorbell and when they respond on the intercom say, “Trotskyism to Go” and they’ll ring you right in.  For old and rare books on politics it is probably the best source on the west coast.