I’m getting slivers of information from Facebook, but I’m told that the bus drivers were given 45 day notice with the hope that some funding will come from somewhere.  I’m told there was a pretty good turnout and discussion, with some hope that this very creative community will figure something out.

Rural areas have suffered under term limits.  In the old days, rural reps had time to build clout, but now with everyone having to rush for higher office, the population concentrations get even more priority than before.

Please post any news you have.

Oh, and Rick Santorum won the caucuses in Iowa, just barely over Romney.  If you don’t know who Santorum is, Google him.

My predictions?  Bachman, Perry, and Huntsman drop out before New Hampshire as the Republican leadership tries to push Romney as the nominee of inevitability.  Newt hangs on for awhile.  Santorum becomes the Tea Party choice.  Paul’s 15 minutes are over.