When I recently posted that my son made it to 10 years of age without having heard the word “nigger,” somebody suggested that by raising him in Sohum that I was keeping him in a “bubble.”  Well, according to some out-of-town football players and coaches, the word has been thrown around at some games (and now a complaint has been filed with the California Interscholastic Federation).

The comments section attached to the Time Standard article has been pretty heated.  But this morning I found this comment.

you can say that because you have not had to deal with racism. for the record, for some of us it is very important. p.s. i’ m humboldt born and raised so i know the reality of how disrespectful people can be in ferndale, fortuna, eureka, mckinleyville, arcata and especially southern humboldt.

Apparently not everybody experiences a bubble in Sohum.  Again, I’m grateful for my childrens’ experiences.  But I would like to know what this woman is talking about.