A huge loss to progressive causes in Congress.  Apparently he didn’t fare too well in his state’s redistricting and would have to introduce himself to 300,000 new constituents.  He’s also been blamed for the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac melt-down, unfairly in my opinion, and his opponents in both parties sensed blood.

I guess then his bill which would ban federal prosecution of marijuana growers/distributors/users who follow state laws will probably die on the vine in committee.

He was also known for his quick wit which terrified conservative interviewers.  And he was never the meal-mouth pol who would take too much care to avoid offending even one of his constituents.  If you called him a Nazi for instance, his response would not be soft.

And he has pledged that he will not become a lobbyist nor an historian, taking a swipe at Gingrich on his way out.