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Tomorrow starts the traditional holiday season, when Americans will spend billions of dollars.

Several Occupy groups and our friend Ed Schultz are urging Americans to use our shopping dollars strategically, to help repair our economy. They’re asking Americans to support local businesses, not big chains selling foreign products.

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Huffington Post reports:

One group, known as Occupy Black Friday, is urging shoppers to bypass chain stores in favor of small and local businesses, while another group, named Don’t Occupy Walmart, is organizing a boycott of Walmart stores in protest of what it calls unjust and anti-union practices on the part of the retail giant.

On MSNBC, Ed Schultz said:

What can we do as Americans this holiday season to make things a little bit better in a tough economy?

I think as a country we should all focus on buying American. Instead of buying some cheap product from China that’s sitting on somebody’s big department story shelf — that will help build their empire — save a small business in our country this year and buy American this holiday season. May I ask you to do that?

Americans, we will spend $10 billion this holiday season. If we just make the effort, we can save a job. We can help a company stay in business and do something for our neighbor.

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Happy holiday season — and thanks for being a bold progressive.

— Michael Snook, Stephanie Taylor, Adam Green, Forrest Brown, and the PCCC team