Pretty testy confrontation, but it’s illustrative of the degree to which political discourse is sinking.  How you view the exchange will probably correspond to which side of the issue (preservation of Arctic wilderness apparently) you take, and the testimony is chopped up so it’s hard to know who “started it.”  I do think that comments from both the Rep and Dr. Brinkly were unnecessary, and clearly both lost their cool.

Incidentally, a private university is in fact in the private sector.

Here’s a transcript of the most testy portion of the House Natural Resources Committee hearing on the impacts of Arctic drilling.

<i>Things went south when Young called Brinkley “Mr. Rice” and said his testimony is “garbage.” Brinkley then goes on the attack: “It’s Dr. Brinkley. Rice is a university. I know you went to Yuba College and couldn’t graduate.”

Young and Brinkley then had the following exchange, if you can call yelling over each other an exchange:

Young: I’ll call you anything I want to call you while you sit in that chair. You just be quiet. You be quiet.

Brinkley: You don’t own me. I pay your salary.

Young: I don’t own you, but I can tell you right now—

Brinkley: I work for the private sector, you work for the—

After Rep. Doc Hastings (R-WA) cuts them off, Young says he’s “really pissed right now” and yells at Brinkley a little bit more.</i>

TPM also reports, for what it’s worth, that Rep. Young did graduate from Yuba College.

But it left me curious as to Dr. Brinkly’s testimony and which portion Rep. Young thinks is “garbage.”

Addendum:  This appears to be the pre-tiff testimony.