In the old days, the police action would have started a riot.  Of course it was self-defense.  That’s the official line.

And then here, the Chancellor walks through a gauntlet of about a thousand students who remain dead silent.  I don’t know that I’ve ever seen that kind of discipline from so many protestors.  There have always been at least one or two hot heads to at least say …. something.

The restraint and discipline is nothing short of incredible!

She has initiated an investigation task force and called the videos of the incident now gone viral “chilling,” even as many are calling for her resignation.

Correction:  The radio report I heard was apparently wrong.  The official line is not self-defense, but that pepper spray is a legitimate “compliance tool” rather than a defensive weapon.  Sound familiar?  In a decade and a half we haven’t resolved this issue?

Addendum:  Richarld Salzman has a few more details.

And here’s a SF Chronicle article touting the virtues of the suburban “occupiers” over their urban counterparts because the latter are dominated by those dirty homeless and “intellectual” students.  Not that I disagree that the emphasis on the camping has detracted from the more fundamental messages, but the article is really annoying for its stereotyped oversimplifications and lack of depth with regard to the “urban” occupations.  On the other hand, whatever it takes to maintain a protest outside Nieman Marcus – I won’t complain too loudly.