As Susan Adams has canceled for tonight, I will take a break from the Congressional race to discuss the state of the Occupy Movement.  It appears that the occupations have lost their luster in the public view.  Is this due to negative corporate media coverage?  The loss of political focus within the movement itself?  Other causes?

It may be a combination.  With the coordinated effort to crack down on occupations across the country, the focus has been away from the 1 percent as the story has evolved (or devolved) into a focus on the occupiers themselves and whether they will be allowed to occupy their spaces of choice with tents and such, and the discussion has shifted, rightly or wrongly, from the economic and political grievances to whether the occupiers have a First Amendment right to camp in protest.  That is the focus now as the County has employed the Eureka Police Department (“without adult supervision” as one OWH supporter said to me last night) to protect its lawn.

The big question is, where does the Occupy Movement go from here?  These questions and more tonight.  Join the discussion at 7:00 p.m.

In the meantime, today is the National Day of Action.  Heraldo has it covered.

And Hank discusses the debate among police organizations as to whether you should give notice to occupiers of evictions or take them by surprise – which is safer for all involved?