I’ve never been big on romance stories, not just because I’m a guy, but because the plot lines and resolutions are fairly limited (Couple lives happily ever after, couple breaks up, one partner dies in tragedy, etc.).  But there are some stories which have been classified as “romance” with a backdrop which carries enough interest to dilute the more predictable plot line.

1.  Gone with the Wind

2.  West Side Story

3. The Way We Were

4.  Reds

5.  Bull Durham

6.  Eat, Drink, Man, Woman (Taiwanese)

7. Harold and Maude

8.  Bonnie and Clyde

9.  Romeo and Juliette (the one with Michael York as Tybalt)

10.  Wings of Desire (German)

Okay, this list has changed dramatically in the 5 minutes I took to type it up.  I guess the question to be answered is, “what is a romance?”  Is Kiss of the Spiderwoman a romance?  Is Bonnie and Clyde?  Obviously most movies involve some sort of love interest, but I assume that we agree that the romance – the coupling, or the frustration of potential coupling, must be at the core of the plot.