Dr. Cornelia Wilbur was a sociopath – unfortunately undiagnosed.  There have now been two movies on the subject of “Sybil,” the abused girl with “dissociative identity disorder” (once MPD got trashed).  I would like to see Sally Field redeem herself by playing Dr. Wilbur in the inevitable movie about the movies.

How many lives were ruined by “repressed memory” diagnosis?  How many falsely accused of abuse by therapist-generated “memories?”  How many people who needed real help didn’t get it?

Nevertheless, Mason did at one point attempt to jump off Wilbur’s train, writing her doctor a long letter confessing that all the multiple-personality stuff — the lost time, the named “alters” and the grotesque tortures supposedly inflicted on Mason as a child by her supposedly psychotic mother — had all been made up. Wilbur briskly dismissed this as a “major defensive maneuver” designed to derail the “hard work” of therapy lying ahead. The pitiably vulnerable Mason soon caved.

Wilbur should have been jailed for life.