Hank has been covering the Shaded Parcels controversy very well at Lost Coast Outpost, including a map.  Virginia Graziani wrote about it in the Redwood Times.  And former Assessor candidate Jon Brooks explains why it’s not the fault of title companies.

I own one of the shaded parcels in Redway.  The map indicates that the parcel next to mine is also on the list, and in fact my neighbor also received the letter.  They were a joint parcel at one time, but I was informed that the subdivision took place before the Map Act, so hopefully we can clear it up without spending too much time and money.  Unfortunately, time is not in abundance for me right now.

Of course, it came as a complete surprise to me.  Par for the course for my luck lately and new additions to the stress of daily life.  Does anybody want a puppy?  Just kidding!