Conventional wisdom suggests that President Carter’s requests of his citizens to conserve was a political negative because people just don’t like to be told what to do.  I guess maybe the argument is that Japanese culture is different from ours.  We’re rugged individualists while they’re conformists, yada, yada, yada (our rugged individualism apparently being defined by mass consumption – the irony perennially lost).  Or perhaps it’s merely the exigency of circumstances – no doubt part of the truth.  We did make consumption sacrifices during World War II, but that was a different generation addressing a different world.  The point is, Japan has now proved that it’s possible to address energy shortages with reductions in energy consumption.

From A Different Kind of Luxury:

The best news however, is that through conservation and the reduction in electricity use in Japan since the disaster there have been no power outages.  Oizumi said, “By turning down air conditioners and reducing power usage, Japan has had enough power.  And that means that we do not need any more nuclear power stations, and that we do not need to restart any of the closed ones.  We have enough.”

Imagine that.

You’d think that something like this might warrant at least a human interest story after the sports report or something, right?  Too much to ask?