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I think over the past couple of months I’ve been more out of the loop on politics than I’ve been since I was like 12.  But I’m getting caught up, particularly in the GOP primary race, which really is kind of fascinating if disturbing to watch.

Obama is now making an issue of the GOP debate audiences, which have generated bizarre cheers over the past three debates.


Rick Santorum is all over current-but-sliding frontrunner Rick Perry for being soft on marijuana (and gay marriage).  Perry does hold the position that the 10th Amendment should enable states to legalize marijuana.


With Perry’s campaign imploding, a new hope for the Republicans has arisen.  But is he the anti-Perry or the anti-Romney?


No ride lists for BART?


The Democrats managed to hold their ground for the first time in a couple of years.  FEMA money will be replenished for the moment, without sinking grants for development of hybrid vehicle technology to “offset” the additional spending.  It’s a small thing by comparison to some of the losses over the past year, and there will probably be a round 2.  But it’s something.


In case you didn’t know, it is against the law to shine laser pointers into aircraft cockpits.  At least, without a license.


There will be rallies to save the post office today, with accusations of GOP sabotage.


Another rich guy wants to be taxed at higher rates.


Lastly, if you didn’t hear it yesterday, find Democracy Now’s archives (actually, I think you can find it at KMUD) and listen to the press conferences and interviews of Josh Fattal, Sarah Shourd, and Shane Bauer and their families.  They are remarkable young people, if maybe just a bit injudicious.  Here’s a summary of their story.

2nd Annual Fall Splendor
October 1st, 2011

An evening of Indian Fusion Cuisine, a Fashion Show and Live Auction & Bollywood Dance Extravaganza at the Mateel Community Center

6pm: Cocktails and Appetizers
7pm: Indian Fusion Wild Copper River Salmon dinner by Chef Brett Shuler
9pm: Fashion Show and Live Auction by Local and Fair Trade Designers
11pm: Music by DJ David Starfire

The Southern Humboldt Community Park is proud to announce Fall Splendor, an evening of Indian fusion cuisine, fabulous fashion and musical beats. This enticing evening not only benefits the park but also provides a quality dining experience with fashionable entertainment to captivate the crowd.

Taking place at the Mateel Community Center in Redway, the doors will open at 6:00pm with an hour of cocktails and appetizers. A Copper River Salmon Dinner will commence at 7:00. The fashion show and live clothing auction will begin at 9:00pm with dancing to follow. Limited dinner tickets for the entire evening sold in advance only, for $75. Tickets for 8:30 entry for Fashion Show and Music sold in advance for $20 & $25 at the door.

Tables may be reserved ahead of time for six to eight persons. Tickets are on sale at the following locations:  Blue Moon Giftsin Garberville, Redway Liquors in Redway, and The Works in Arcata and Eureka.

You can call me for tickets at 923-2128


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