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In case you missed it, darling of the left Elizabeth Warren, having been dumped by Obama for the sin of being one of very few bona fide liberals appointed to anything, is running against Scott Brown for Senate.  Scott Brown is actually somewhat popular, and hasn’t really had time to piss people off yet.  But there is huge left enthusiasm behind Warren, and she’s already jumped 20 points in polling, slightly ahead of Brown, and her name recognition percentage remains low.

This has the Brown camp freaking out.

Heraldo reports.

Game on!

Addendum:  Just checked my email and found the press release.

For Immediate Release
Contact Info: Campaign – (707)
Campaign Manager Jim Ferguson –

Estelle Fennell, Redway resident and former HumCPR Executive Director, will formally announce her campaign for Second District Supervisor on Thursday September 22nd.

Estelle, who has received numerous awards in recognition of her decades-long service to her community, has a proven track record of doing the hard work and making the tough choices required of a good leader.  Her strong desire to help has benefited residents throughout the district and beyond during times of emergency and natural disaster and has helped it through the numerous challenges that can face a rural county like Humboldt. She has been a tireless, strong leader fighting for our rights at the county level.

Estelle decided to run because she cares deeply about the 2nd District and is concerned that our current Supervisor has not effectively addressed the many larger issues facing the 2nd District much less the day-to-day issues/concerns brought forward by his constituents.

“Again and again, from Fortuna to Garberville and everywhere in between, countless Second District residents have told me that they do not feel well served at the County level. They are genuinely concerned that the current Supervisor is not a strong enough representative for these challenging times,” she said. “The Second District deserves better, Humboldt County deserves better.”

Longtime local rancher Joe Russ also thinks it?s time for a change; “We need a Supervisor who is willing to take a stand for our community. I am very confident that Estelle is up to the task.”

Karyn Lee-Thomas, owner of Redway based Signature Coffee Company who has known Estelle for years, remarked, “I can not think of anyone that would be more fair, open-minded and dedicated. I can only envision a positive change for the entire county with Estelle as our Supervisor.”

During her announcement Estelle will lay out her priorities as Supervisor and how important it is to have a strong and effective leader given the critical issues facing the 2nd District and Humboldt County as a whole.

Estelle will kick off her campaign at 11:45 AM this Thursday, September 22nd at the Veterans Memorial Hall in Fortuna. Later on Thursday residents of the Garberville Redway area will have a chance to meet the candidate at her Southern Kick-off event in the Garberville Town Square beginning at 5:00 p.m.

[Estelle currently serves on several Board of Directors including: the Briceland Volunteer Fire Department, the Healy Senior Center, the Cape Mendocino Lighthouse Preservation Society and the Mainstream Media Project. She is also a Southern Humboldt representative on the KEET Community Advisory Board and is a founding member and Co-Administrator of SoHum Awareness (a web-based community safety service) as well as former News Director of KMUD (1990 – 2007)]


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