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Confirming that somewhere some beings may be enjoying a double (or multiple?) sunset.  Assuming they perceive light as we do.

Tonight’s topic – I’m reviving an old topic which is a question for progressives:  Are there any circumstances in which you would support military intervention from the United States.  The last time I asked the question, I couldn’t get a straight answer from anyone who called in.  We can discuss Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, etc., but I’m more interested in the general topic?  Would you have supported entry into WWII if we weren’t attacked?  Has there been any military action since which you have supported?  What is the criteria for your support of military action?

7:00 tonight, on KMUD of course.

Addendum:  Well, last night’s show seems to have touched a nerve.  I came to work this morning to a message left by a woman who gave me some good advice.  It seems I failed to reiterate the question throughout the show, and coming in late she didn’t understand whether “intervention” referred only to military action, or other forms of intervention (diplomacy, etc.).  If I failed to clarify that throughout the show, then that’s a fair criticism.

And somebody dropped through my mail slot a photo-study of what is represented as the impacts of depleted-uranium on children in Iraq.  I haven’t had the time to read it.  Possibly it was left by the last caller of the show, but no name was left on the note.  I would like to know more about the depleted uranium issue.  I’ve heard reports, and read something in an alternative media magazine, possibly The Nation.  But I definitely want to know more, and specifically where the international medical community is on the issue.

And thanks to all the callers.  A few were a little testy about the issue, but I was looking for that.  It tells me that you’re considering the question, even if it’s not particularly comfortable.  There were some good arguments.  There were no bad ones really – I mean if Lucifer through the Illuminati is really running the country, then I can understand that you would not support any military action from its army.

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