The Lost Coast Outpost reports that the last draft was approved with minor changes.

Rex Bohn’s current residence is now in the Fourth District.  There are rumors that he intends to move into what will now be the First District.  I’ve already seen his bumper stickers, so he’s probably committed.  I am informed that an opponent already has an HQ and intends to announce.

Meanwhile, Mel Kreb can serve out 2012 on the Planning Commission, but unless he does a Rex he will be living in the First District for the next election cycle, rendering him ineligible for his current seat.  Will he consider a run for Supervisor?

And as previously reported, Blue Lake will now share a district with Arcata.

Most importantly for Sohum, our community of interest remains intact.

Carolyn and the rest of the committee deserve some real kudos for putting it together, and the Supervisors, particularly Clif and Ryan, deserve kudos for keeping their personal re-election chances out of consideration.  And a very vocal group of Sohum residents deserve recognition for the preservation of Sohum in its entirety, including Estelle, Blake, Jim, Bonnie, Charlie, and others.

The Times Standard also covers the story.

A couple of points about the TS story.

First District Supervisor Jimmy Smith said the approved map has him taking on some new territory and new constituents. For example, he’ll be representing the town of Scotia instead of 2nd District Supervisor Clif Clendenen.

”It’s going to be exciting to learn the new areas,” Smith said.

This is actually not accurate.  Jimmy will continue to represent the First District as it is, and those portions of the Second which are being moved will continue to be represented by Clif until both of their terms have ended.  This is why Mel Kreb will remain on the Second District Planning Commission seat until the end of 2012 until this year.  Redistricting cannot change a district in the middle of a term.

Not everyone is pleased with the new boundaries.

Rio Dell Councilman Frank Wilson said Scotia wanted to be part of the same district as Fortuna because Scotia residents’ children attend Fortuna high schools.

”We want to be with Fortuna,” Wilson said. “We go to Fortuna … we shop there.”

Well, sorry, but a meeting was held in Rio Dell and then the next evening in Scotia.  While about half a dozen Sohum residents attended the Scotia meeting, only one Scotia resident bothered to attend and he voiced no opinion as to the separation.  I’m not indifferent.  It definitely split a community of interest.  But if Scotia residents had shown up and participated, we might be looking at a 3a variant right now.  It’s not like this process hasn’t been covered by the local media all summer!