Linking to the Humboldt Mirror, with some caution that the Mirror makes an abundance of satirical posts.  But this one isn’t reading like satire, and it references a closed-session BOS agenda item for tomorrow.   For those of you coming out of a long coma, Kirk Girard currently heads up the County Community Development Services Department, which includes the Building and Planning Department and the Mirror reports that he will no longer run the latter.

If this is true, it’s huge.

Anybody with any information?

Addendum:  I just had a telephone conversation with someone who reminded me of certain aspects of process which undermine the Mirror’s conclusion (or that of it’s inside sources).  First and foremost, no decision can have been made at this point without a violation of the Brown Act.   I suppose the Mirror could have heard from an “insider” who has independently spoken to three Supervisors who are likely to vote as reported, but in the absence of any Board discussion so far, such a prediction is extremely premature.

Secondly, what is described in Mirror post is not merely a personnel issue, but primarily a restructuring issue – which would not be appropriate for closed session.  If such a proposal is to materialize, it would be in open session.  Tomorrow’s agenda item is strictly a personnel review and not where an employment decision is made.

I will give the Mirror the benefit of the doubt that they/he/she heard something from somebody – possibly someone who would like to see the particular outcome and is confident that it will take place.  But it is hard to imagine how anybody can be such an “insider” as to know what three of the Board members are thinking even before there is discussion or even input to serve as the basis for such a discussion.

The more I think about it, the more I’m wondering if something hasn’t been seriously jumbled in the translation.  While many of you may not agree with the Mirror’s politics, I haven’t seen them post outright falsehoods.  But objectively speaking, the story is just not plausible.