TPM “liveblogged” it for those like me who didn’t have the time (nor really the desire) to watch it last night.  It’s not an unbiased blogging, but it’s entertaining.  You can follow it here, here, here, and here.  TPM awards the win to Romney, mostly because he forced Perry into a corner on Social Security, and Republicans have to be worried about electability as they think about the general, even if the refusal to rule out ending Social Security earns him points in the primaries.

The largest applause of the night came when the moderator asked Perry about the 234 executions he has presided over.

Perry also blamed the low health care coverage rate of his state on….. former President Bush!

A few other highlights.  Bachman accused Reagan of being too liberal because he agreed to tax increases, but suggested that he really didn’t mean it.  Or something like that.

Ron Paul is still nuts.

Huntsman tried to defend science, which drew an awkward silence.

There were a couple of other names who will be out of the running come Iowa.

Addendum:  The debate in 45 seconds – capturing the essence.