You can view them here. 

I haven’t looked at each one closely, but all of them look interesting.  Plan 6a appears to put Blue Lake into a district with us.  Is that feasible?  Of the three, it is my preference.  I think.

2a appears to separate Weott from the rest of Sohum (I consider that I’ve reached Sohum once I’m south of the fork), but also takes Redcrest out and the areas surrounding Scotia/Rio Dell.  Could be a wash in terms of whether it increases or decreases Sohum’s political disadvantage with Fortuna, and that can’t be a consideration anyway as far as the process is concerned.

3a looks reasonable enough, but it leaves us with more “urban” votes vs. rural than 6a.  Both 3a and 6a divorce us from Fortuna.

All three plans leave Rex Bohn in the Fourth District, which means he won’t be running this time unless he moves.  If he moves to Cutten he may end up running against Clif.

3a and 6a both take Clif away from us, which would make me kind of sad.  He has invested a lot of time and energy getting to know Sohum and becoming familiar with our issues and needs.  I know he hasn’t taken the positions a lot of people would prefer for the General Plan Update, but I think many of those same people will be pleasantly surprised by, though not totally in agreement with, what he proposes in the end because I can tell you that he is listening to engaging with a wide variety of viewpoints.  But that is the subject for another thread, when that discussion heats up again.  On the upside, Clif is probably a lock for reelection under any of the proposals.

By the way, other proposals have been presented by Estelle and other private citizens.  We are not locked into these three.  You can still submit your own proposal.  The Board will take up the discussion on Tuesday.

Addendum:  A big problem with 6a is that it takes Rio Dell out of the Fortuna district, and Rio Dell’s political leadership has made it very clear that they view themselves as within a community of interest with Fortuna.  In other words, they weren’t any more happy with the prospect of separation than we were with losing Shelter Cove and the other west side Sohum communities (which is not proposed in any of the three).

3a looks to me like the most reasonable of the three, though 6a is the most interesting.  I’m wondering if there’s a version out there which would push up a little further into Eureka so that we could give up Rio Dell.  But Blue Lake probably won’t be happy either.  Unfortunately, I don’t have Excel, which is required for the worksheet.