The video covers three of the game’s four goals (not including the final penalty shot).  Lots of commentary about how the US played “better” throughout the game, but that’s what they also said of Japan’s previous two games against Germany and Sweden.  Could it be that maybe Japan had a winning game plan in all three games?   Nah.  They’re just the world champions right now.  Let’s diminish it, like this fellow posting on Youtube.

@spyroshadji Your team sucks. You won off pure luck. I’d be surprised if you could name 3 things your country is better than US at. And we ARE better at soccer if you go by our history, even though its the least popular sport here.

Doesn’t that one make you feel proud to be American?

In any case, the US team has shown nothing but class in post-game interviews.

Unfortunately, this video doesn’t have Sawa’s dramatic last minute goal, but it’s still a fun watch.  Wambach, man!

Addendum:  The previous clips were nixed by FIFA copyright assertion.  This one apparently meets Fair Use requirements.