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In the primaries leading up to the August recall elections of six Republicans (and three Democrats) the Republicans had run phony Democrats in each of the races.

All of them lost.

Round 1 to the Democrats.

The article says that the fake Democrats didn’t campaign, the whole point being to force the primary to delay the general election.  But Rachel Maddow reported that Republican PACs blitzed the airwaves over the weekend hoping to pull something out.  Only one of the elections was even remotely close.

Addendum:  In other election news, despite media hype of a close contest and some extremely negative campaigning from PACs, Janice Hahn won handily in CA-36.  But at least the Republicans showed some class afterward.

Today I was in Eureka and drove into the Costco gas station.  I guess most vehicles have gas tank access on the left, because each of the lines for spots on the right side of the gas pumps were four or five vehicles deep while the spots to the left of the pumps were occupied with no vehicles behind them.  And to my satisfaction, two vehicles in the one of the left side spots pulled out at once, giving me immediate access.  I pulled to the forward pump, and several cars who came in behind me got into line for right sided spots.  It was a few minutes before a vehicle pulled in behind me.

I’ve got a secret.  See, my tank access is also on the left side of my vehicle.  But I pulled into a space with the pump to my right.  Why?  The secret is below the fold.

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