According to this Nation article, we almost had a meltdown of a Nebraska reactor earlier this month.   The article cites the Russian nuclear power agency as having citing an International Atomic Energy Agency report of a “near catastrophic meltdown of the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant.”

The article wanders off into a tirade about what the author calls “Obama’s war on the coal industry,” but I really could care less about that issue at the moment.  I want to know if the administration really ordered a “total and complete news blackout” on a level 4 “near catastrophic” nuclear emergency.  And I want to know why most of the rest of the media is silent on the subject.  Is the report BS?

I just googled the name of the plant, and there are lots of reports about the flooding, and the Nation article pops up here and there.  But so far they are the only media addressing this.  And the story is a few days old.

Addendum:  Ooops.  As pointed out in the thread, the article isn’t from The Nation we are familiar with.  It’s an English version of a magazine in Pakistan.  The story is getting some play online, but I have yet to see it appear anywhere I recognize as a medium of stature.

Tucson Citizen

Greeley Gazzette

This Salem site insists that it’s not a hoax, citing Wikipedia as a source.

And here’s a denial.