The Times Standard is covering it, so I guess it’s a story, though if every such complaint filed was reported as news there wouldn’t be much room for anything else.  It seems to me a stretch a conflict of interest arises because his apple orchard is located near the tracks.  The argument is that the value of the property, already next to a major freeway, will decline in value with the presence of a train, or more specifically, the “rail banking” proposed by Chris Weston and his group would, I don’t know, increase the value?

But I’m biased.  Maybe you have some differing thoughts.

A couple of the conservative blogs are all over it.


Humboldt Mirror

Generally speaking, I think it becomes a story if the FPPC actually calls a hearing.

Addendum:  Hank is on the story as well.

Second addendum:  Clif was interviewed for the KMUD news this evening.