I’m trying to collect clips from all the movie scenes in which the Golden Gate Bridge is destroyed.  The first is from the Japanese film of 1957 entitled “Battle in Outer Space,” released in the US in 1959, in which the evil Natalians destroy the bridge with a “space torpedo.”  It’s a few seconds into the trailer.

And this is a colorized version of the famous scene in It Came from Beneath the sea.

And in this more recent clip from X-Men Last Stand, Magneto rips the bridge from its foundations and levitates it over to Alcatraz.

Can anybody think of any others?  How many times must we rebuild the thing?

Addendum:  Some additions based upon your suggestions.

Megashark vs. Giant Octopus


More below the fold.

Monsters vs. Aliens – as noted, the bridge isn’t destroyed, but banged up a little.  I can’t find the scene in its entirety, but some clips are about 40 seconds into this one.

And The Core has what looks like a pretty awesome scene, but I can only find the clips on the trailer.