A great turnout with surprising Sohum representation – and a strong cross-section of political ideology and economic interests represented.  A great meal, most of the food coming from local sources, and some of it prepared by local businesses – again, some of it from Sohum.

The plan is to win it outright in a year and a month.  13 months ahead really isn’t all that early, contrary to the discussion of the earlier thread.  Lots of speculation on potential opponents tonight, about 5 or 6 names coming up.

I don’t know what will happen in the long run, but for those who have pledged to remove him from office – you’re up against an energized base and some top rate organizers.  I hope the campaign is as positive and policy based as the last.

Clif’s top three priorities as outlined in response to a question from one of his supporters:

1.  Complete the GPU

2.  Save the rivers

3.  Build community within this very complex district

Visit his campaign site.